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Monthly Meeting

Ipswich Town Hall, Town Managers Conference Room, 2nd Floor, 7:00 PM

7:00        2014 MassBays Upper North Shore Work Plan    Peter Phippen
We will briefly review the 2014 8TGM work plan which we developed and recently submitted by MVPC as part of the response to the annual request for proposals. As always, tasks are somewhat fluid and can be added to as the year progresses. Work Plan Component attached.

7:30    Green Crab Update      PeterPhippen, Geoff Walker

Discussion of the role of 8TGM Committee members on the local green crab issue

8:00    Website Update    Max Schenk Deb Carey, Peter Phippen
Max has gotten our website - - up and working again. Please look it over and be prepared to provide suggestions. I will be submitting documents etc. that I have, to be added to the site, however any links or suggestions are welcome

8:30    Traditional Uses Update    Peter Phippen, Deb Carey
A discussion on the plans for this coming year’s Tradition Uses effort. This may include promoting uses from last year’s effort, including Beach Plum. See attached Traditional Uses Document url:   and the Traditional Uses Task in the 2014 Work Plan

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